Social Work student provides meals and toys to those less fortunate

Thu, 04 Feb 2021 16:19:00 GMT
Asia is planning on continuing her fundraising efforts this year
Asia is planning on continuing her fundraising efforts this year

A GCU student has raised more than £500 to help families and young people affected by the pandemic - after taking inspiration from her own childhood.

Second year Social Work student Asia Richford initially got involved in fundraising through her work but decided to go one step further at the end of last year.

She explained: “I work in a bookies and we had decided to gather donations for foodbanks. We set up a box for customers to donate and then the second lockdown happened just days later - so we had to close. I was still in the mindset that I wanted to help people because I realise how difficult the last year has been for everyone.

Through social media, I started an appeal asking anyone with spare food to leave it outside their house and I would drop it at foodbanks.

One of my mum’s friends then suggested I make a GoFundMe page because they wanted to donate some money. I was honestly only expecting to get about £20 but I ended up raising £505.”

The huge amount of cash enabled Asia to support two local foodbanks and she also chose to provide toys to Glasgow’s No.1 Baby and Family Support Service and retailer Dunelm’s, ‘Delivering Joy’ campaign.

Asia spoke of her delight in having the opportunity to support young people, whose struggles she related to on a personal level.

She said: “I grew up in poverty and actually got some presents donated when I was younger. I remember how good that felt knowing other people actually cared about you.

It’s really difficult for parents to provide presents and the last year has been horrific for so many.

I had always wanted to give back at some point but never had the money or opportunity – it felt great to finally be able to do it.”

Asia’s GoFundMe page is still open for donations and she’s already planning how she can support others this year.

She explained: “The whole experience has definitely made me want to do things bigger and better – I’m particularly keen to help the homeless.

I often feel anxious asking people for donations on social media, so I need to get over that fear and make sure I’m promoting my GoFundMe as much as possible!”

Asia added: “Eventually, I’m going to be a social worker and obviously the aim of that is to help society, so I guess I’ve always been in that mindset and just want to keep continuing that.”

Inspired by Asia’s story? You can donate to her GoFundMe page and help make a difference to others.

By Ross Clark
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