STAR Award Winner 2020: Abbie Meehan

Tue, 30 Jun 2020 16:19:00 BST
Abbie is set take on the role of Editor in Chief with The Edit this year
Abbie is set take on the role of Editor in Chief with The Edit this year

The EDIT’s Abbie Meehan has been reflecting on her STAR Award success, while also looking ahead to what the future has in store for the magazine.

Abbie, who’s a third year multimedia journalism student, won The EDIT – Best Overall Contribution award.

The STAR Awards is an annual event held by GCU Students Association to celebrate students' hard work and dedication throughout the year. For more information click here.

Abbie explained her surprise at the recognition and why she’s enjoyed being involved with the Edit during her time at GCU.

She said: “It’s a shock but it’s a really good feeling because I’ve been rewarded for the effort that I’ve put in over the past two years. It’s really nice to feel valued for what I’ve been doing.

You obviously learn about the stress and pressure that comes with deadlines at university but it’s a different type of stress with a magazine, so it’s just good experience in general.

We have a really relaxed atmosphere - a lot of newsrooms are very serious but we’re not and that definitely helps.”

Abbie will continue her role as Sports Editor this year while also stepping up to take on the position of Editor in Chief.

She said: “I’m looking forward to getting a bit more responsibility. It’ll be good to organise certain things and just being able to say that I’ve edited a magazine – which is pretty cool!

I am really looking forward to working with my amazing committee this year and I hope we can go on to be as good as past committees.”

Abbie also spoke about wanting to have more focus on entertainment and technology stories this year across the magazine and encouraged other students to get in touch if they want to get involved.

She explained: “We want you to write about anything and everything that you’re passionate about. Always feel like you can come and talk to anyone that’s in The Edit.

We’ll be dealing with a different campus next year, however I still want to make sure we have a friendly atmosphere. I want all the contributors to feel relaxed, happy and wanting to write for us - rather than feeling like they need too.”

Find out more about The Edit and how to get involved here

By Ross Clark
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