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Students come together to celebrate the work of their lecturer

Mon, 25 Nov 2019 16:19:00 GMT
Katy has been organising online coffee breaks, a Netflix party and writing retreats
Katy has been organising online coffee breaks, a Netflix party and writing retreats

A group of GCU students have come together to celebrate the hard work of one of their lecturers - as a thank you for always going above and beyond to help the students.

A group of Social Sciences students want to celebrate the efforts of lecturer Katy Proctor for her commitment and support throughout her time at GCU. Students especially wanted to give thanks to Katy for her support through the self-isolation period, by organising online coffee breaks, a Netflix party and writing retreats. 

During the campus closure, Katy has been regularly posting on the Social Sciences Community Group on Facebook with encouraging and positive messages to ensure that all students are feeling supported through this difficult time.

Third year Social Sciences student Amy Cowan, who initially came forward with the idea to celebrate Katy, has been especially grateful for Katy’s commitment and support. She said: “Katy always goes above and beyond for her students but also for the department as a whole.

She has played a massive part in making our department a community, one which could not be done without given the current circumstances. She does everything in her power to help students and has the best attitude in doing it.”

Fourth year Social Sciences student Monica Allen believes that Katy is a valued member of the Social Sciences department. She said: “Katy is a true asset to the Social Sciences Department and they would be lost without her. She has recognised that we are all struggling to find motivation so she has set up 'Writing Retreats' for us regularly.”

Third year Social Sciences student Kai Leonheart appreciates Katy for her efforts to reassure students during the self-isolation period. He said: “She has always been the first to update students and provide reassurance when all the troubles began and continues to be socially active on the GCU social science community page providing laughs and positivity on a daily basis.

It should also be noted that Katy's unconditional love for Gary Barlow also deserves recognition!”

Amy Cowan added: “I want to thank all staff that not only do their job but that are committed to the students they teach and the university itself.

I imagine it has been difficult for staff changing to online teaching but Katy has shown us that no matter the struggles you still have the ability to put a smile on peoples face and do your part for the community.”


By Rachael McAlonan


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