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GCU student is awarded a studentship by a globally recognised science body

Mon, 11 May 2020 16:19:00 BST
Students that receive the Studentship are given a grant of £2000 to work on their own projects
Students that receive the Studentship are given a grant of £2000 to work on their own projects

A GCU student has been accepted onto a studentship to fund a research project during their undergraduate degree.

Third year Forensic Investigation student Rana Salem has been awarded a Summer Studentship by the Royal Microscopical Society, which includes a financial grant of £2000. The grant, which is competitively applied to across the UK, allows students to carry out a research project of their choice under the supervision of their lecturer.

In order to apply for the Studentship, applicants are asked to submit a 500 word report which states the aims and objectives of their research idea.

Rana is delighted that the Studentship is able to take place despite the COVID-19 pandemic. She said: “I honestly didn’t expect the studentship with the RMS to be carried out this year due to everything going on with COVID-19, so I’m really glad that RMS are still going ahead with the studentships and are giving students that opportunity.

I’m delighted that my application was successful since I was told the award is competitive, but I’m also interested in how we’ll be going about the project.

Initially, I would have been working in the microscopy labs in GCU, but the RMS have asked us to propose an alternative idea for a “dry project”. While I would have loved to have worked in the microscopy labs, I am still eager to make the most of this studentship regardless.”

Rana highly recommends for other students to become a member of the Royal Microscopical Society for those that are interested in pursuing the subject as a career. She said: “I think becoming a member of the RMS should definitely be considered by other students, especially those like me who take an interest in microscopy and would like to pursue that in the form of postgraduate study.

It allows for undergraduate students to begin networking with research students, microscopy manufacturers and research leaders.

Being a member also means access to resources such as courses and conferences and of course, access to the summer Studentship itself.”

To find out more about the Royal Microscopical Society, click here


By Rachael McAlonan

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