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Social Sciences student addresses social stigmas with online blog

Fri, 27 Mar 2020 16:19:00 GMT
Rachel believes that blogs like this have a wider positive impact
Rachel believes that blogs like this have a wider positive impact

A Social Sciences student has created an online blog addressing taboo social topics - in the hope to allow others to express their views and feel comfortable doing so.

First Year Social Sciences student Rachel Jardine runs the Instagram based blog, which covers topics such as sex, relationships, female health, sexuality, gender and mental health. Rachel creates illustrations and graphics to accompany her blog posts, which also includes some of her personal experiences.

Rachel explained that she found inspiration for the blog when she started studying at university. She said: “I have had an interest in sex/relationship related topics for as long as I can remember.

From a young age, everything about it fascinated me, although I found my answers were never fully answered due to the stigma of speaking out about so-called uncomfortable topics. Through the use of social media and literature, I found inspiration in the sex positive community and in starting university I found my own independence.

For the first time, I felt comfortable in expressing my interests. So, at the end of January I launched my first post, in the aim to provide people with answers to questions they had been silenced for.”

Rachel believes that blogs like this have a wider positive impact. She said: “I believe that having someone online expressing daily concerns, struggles and achievements provides community and unity.

During self-isolation, communication and virtual contact provide willingness to push on and get through the tough times. Whether you use social media to distract yourself or to learn, it’s a great way to feel included.”

She added: “For me, creating my own blog dedicated to sex/relationship has built community.

In expressing my own interest, followers have interacted with me and opened conversations they may not have felt comfortable with discussing before. This not only fuels my own personal joy but benefits other people.”

You can check out Rachel’s blog here.


By Rachael McAlonan


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