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GCU student brings community together with local support group

Fri, 13 Mar 2020 16:19:00 GMT
Members of the group have the opportunity to socialize as well as learning valuable skills
Members of the group have the opportunity to socialize as well as learning valuable skills

A GCU student has recently become the project co-ordinator for Afghan United - a support group which brings together woman from Afghan communities and ethnic minority groups in Glasgow.

First year Construction Management student Nagineh Azar has joined the community initiative as a project co-ordinator and the role includes organising activities such as English classes, CV writing, employability training and day trips around Glasgow.

The main aim of the Afghan United group is to bring together woman from Afghan and ethnic minority groups to allow them to socialise and learn valuable life skills.

Nagineh admitted that she was shocked to have been given the role, however explained that she has a personal connection with the group. She said: “I'm really passionate about this, and the fact it was for specifically Afghan people was special to me because that's also my background.

Since we started, we've been providing all sorts of training; first aid, employability etc. We've also been arranging trips for the group, such as going to museums, going to the Irn Bru Carnival.

 This allows the group members to be independent and not have to necessarily rely on their husbands to go to places.”

She added: “We also run an English Cafe every Sunday which is a place for them to learn English, but in an informal environment so that woman can take their children with them if they want to.

We teach them conversation and grammar skills, and we are going to be starting commuter and theory tests so they can also learn about skills that will help them if they want to go into employment or study.

We are actively looking for volunteers who are interested in getting involved. It can sometimes be difficult to reach volunteers that are outside the Afghan Communities, but we would love to have volunteers that come from different backgrounds because it allows our group members to meet and speak to different people.”

To find out more about the Afghan United group, click here


By Rachael McAlonan

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