Pop in the Pit

Pop in the Pit took place on Thursday 28 February 2019 and was the first event in the GCU Pop Ups series.

The concept was simple; to encourage staff and students to jump in our ball pit, break down barriers and talk about life working and studying at GCU. 

Over 50 volunteers took part on the day. Some of the balls were marked with conversation starters linked to GCU and participants were asked to pick a ball and discuss the topic with the person they were sharing the pit with. 

The biggest theme to emerge from people's experience in the pit was that most participants, if not all, were able to find some degree of common ground - whether that be through a shared experience or viewpoint on a particular issue. 

You can also watch our short video highlighting people's experiences on the day.

 Check out some of the topics discussed as well as some quotes from attendees.

 ‌Pop in the pit