Problem Guides

I've saved a document to the PC, where is it?

All GCU PCs are configured to delete all saved data after a restart.You should not rely on saving documents to the PC desktop or My Documents area.

If you have saved a new document to the PC, you can use the Windows search function to find it. Click on 'Start' and select 'Search' to open the search function. Follow the search options to try to locate your document. Once you have located your document, move it to your H Drive or a USB flash drive.

If you have opened a previously saved document (either from a USB flash drive or your H Drive) the PC will prompt you to save it back to that location.

My computer crashed, has it saved my document?

If the application you were working on crashed or closed unexpectedly, then you can try re-opening the application to see if your document has been auto-saved.

Microsoft Word for example; if it crashes or closes unexpectedly while you are working on a document, try reopening Word. It may prompt you to recover your document.

If the computer freezes or crashes and either restarts or you are forced to restart, then you will lose any unsaved work. Information Services cannot recover documents lost due to computer failures. So it's important to save your work regularly.

How do I work on email attachments?

If you want to work on (edit) a document which is an email attachment, it is vital that you save the document to a new location first. Do not open the document from your email & start working on it as any changes may not be saved correctly.

The recommended process is:

  1. Save the attachment to a safe location; your H:Drive or a USB pen drive
  2. Open the document from the saved location
  3. Save your document at regular intervals
  4. When you have finished working save your document before closing the program. Your document will be saved to your chosen location (from step 1)
  5. You can then reattach it to a new email to forward on

    You should not save your document to the desktop, or C:Drive of the PC you are working on as all University PCs are configured to delete all user data when rebooted.