Saving Your Data

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Where to save your data

Your H:drive

  • Your H:drive is a secure network area that is available when you log into any GCU computer. This is located under My Computer on all GCU computers.
  • Your H:drive is only available on GCU computers. You cannot access your H:drive contents from home.

USB Drive

  • You can use a personal USB Drive to save your data.  We recommend that you keep a backup copy of your important files as USB Drives can sometimes break. Information Services don't have any facilities to restore files from broken USB Drives.

Save to OneDrive using your University email account

  • Your University email account is bundled with a OneDrive account, providing you with 1 Terabyte of secure storage that can be accessed both on campus and off campus.  
  • To access your OneDrive account on a GCU computer, log into your student email account via and click the OneDrive icon.
  • To access your OneDrive account from a personal computer, you can follow the same instruction above, or you can download the OneDrive app and setup file syncing on your personal device.  To download the OneDrive app, visit your OneDrive account using the URL above and click the 'Get OneDrive apps' link.


Do not save your data to any local drive or folder on a GCU computer.  All GCU computers are configured to delete all data when restarted.  It is not possible to recover any data from a rebooted computer.