Your print credit

Print credit

  • Free credit will be made available annually at the start of the new study year

Topping up your credit

Reclaiming print credit due to damaged printouts

  • If you have had printer problems and as a result, have lost print credits, please complete the print credit reclaim form available on My Service
  • Please keep a copy of any spoiled printouts as you may need to provide them as evidence
Printing & Collecting

Printing in open access areas (Saltire Centre, 24hr lab, Learning Cafe, GCU London)

  1. Open your document & click File then Print, make sure either GCU-Mono-Student or GCU-Colour-Student is selected then press Print
    • If there are no printers, open the GCU-Printers folder on the desktop then double click your printer and retry printing
  2. Go to the correct printer and log in to collect your printouts

Printing in computer labs

  1. Open your document & click File then Print and make sure the printer is GCU-Mono-Student then press Print
  2. Go to the printer in your room and log in to collect your printouts

Logging into printers to collect your job

Collecting your print jobs

  1. Present card to smart card reader under touch screen
  2. Tap Print on the screen
  3. Select the jobs you want printed or select all
  4. Press the blue Start button (blue Diamond with line inside)
  5. Select the Close button then the Access button to log out

For full details on printing, see