Using GCULearn

The IT Helpdesk can provide assistance in getting you logged into GCULearn. 

For further help in using the resources inside GCULearn, check the 'Student Help' tab inside GCULearn, contact your course leader or contact your School's Learning Development Centre.

  • School of Engineering and Built Environment (CEBE):M534
  • Glasgow School for Business and Society (GSBS):W508 & W509
  • School of Health and Life Sciences (SHLS):A107              
How do I reset my GCULearn password?

If you are unable to log in to GCULearn, first check that you are using the correct password. You should be using your domain/network/email password to login to GCULearn.

If you need to reset your domain password follow the options listed under 'How do I reset my domain password?' here.

Why can't I see my modules on GCULearn?

Modules in GCULearn are only made available 24 hours after you complete registration.  If you've not already registered, you can register online

Next, School Programme Administrators are responsible for ensuring you are enrolled on the correct modules within GCULearn. If you've completed registration over 24 hours ago and are still unable to see your modules on GCULearn, please contact your course leader/lecturer in the first instance.