GCU AppsAnywhere

During September, we are upgrading our current version of GCU AppStore to GCU AppsAnywhere, during this time you may experience downtime while we complete the upgrade. 

GCU AppAnywhere provides access to a wide range of university software for you to use. It works by streaming the software to either a University Windows Computer or if you install the AppsAnywhere Software on your own Computer as well. 

Other Benefits to AppsAnywhere:

  • Available in GCU Glasgow & London
  • Go to our GCU AppAnywhere Homepage and choose the application you wish to start using, if it's not listed, please tell us 
  • The software is always the most up to date version in use at the university 

Watch the Video to see how quickly you can get started! 

If you have a general question? You may find the answer in our FAQs page.