Some students are receiving the following error trying to log into Office 365 email:

'This account cannot be used to access
You're currently signed in with an Office 365 email account which can't be used with  Please click here to sign out of your Office 365 account, then use another Microsoft account to sign into (for example, your,, or account)'

This error can be solved by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Clear your browser's cached files;'s-Cache
  2. Close/re-open your web browser and visit 
  3. Sign in with your email credentials to access your email.
I can't login to my student email account

First make sure you are using the correct login details.

  • Your email address is: <username>
  • Your password is your current domain password. That's the one you use to login to University PCs

If you are a current registered student and need a password reset you can follow the information for domain password resets.  

If you are able to login to University PCs with your domain account but cannot login to your email account, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

My email account has been hacked

If you suspect that your email account has been hacked into, you must reset your password immediately.

Instructions on resetting your domain password can be found here.

I'm no longer receiving emails

All official University correspondence is sent to your email address, not to a personal email address. Please ensure that you are checking the correct email account.

Further reasons for not receiving emails include:

  • Your email address hasn't been setup correctly
  • You're not enrolled on the correct GCULearn modules

Your email address hasn't been setup correctly

If you've never accessed your email account it may not be active yet. You'll find information on logging into your email account here, though you may need to follow Microsoft's setup prompts. 

Once you've logged in , try sending yourself an email from either your email address or from a personal email address.

If you receive any error messages when trying to send/receive emails please send full details to the IT Helpdesk.

You can't receive emails via GCULearn

Some lecturers choose to email all their students via GCULearn in bulk. If you are not receiving class emails, firstly, please check that lecturer is in fact emailing the class as not all lecturers use this facility.

Next, you need to check that you're enrolled on the correct GCULearn module. You can do this by logging into GCULearn and checking your courses. If one or more of your modules aren't listed please contact your lecturer or School Office in the first instance. (Your School is responsible for ensuring you are attached to the correct GCULearn modules).

If you still can't receive emails after checking the above, please get in touch with the IT Helpdesk.

Why am I seeing my personal email account instead?

Depending on how you've setup your personal computer and personal hotmail account you might be automatically signed into your personal email account when visiting the Office 365 site.

You will need to sign out of your personal email account and sign back in to your account.

To sign out of your personal email account click on the 'sign out' link at the top right of your personal email inbox.

You will be returned to the Office 365 sign in page. Make sure you change your sign in ID to your student email account. Enter the correct password & click 'Sign in'.

You will now be able to see your email account. Log out as normal, when you are finished.