Wireless Routers

A wireless router has been provided in this room for use with both wireless and wired devices (PC, laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc.). The router is ready for immediate use.  Please connect your device using the following guide;

Connecting a wireless device to the student residence network;

  • Scan for wireless networks, the Network Name (SSID) CC-ResNet will be broadcast
  • Connect to the CC-ResNet network using the Network Key (Password) printed on the label attached to the router

Connecting a wired device to the student residence network;

  • Connect your device to one of the Blue LAN ports on the router using the supplied grey or white cable

If the router is not fully functional please re-connect using the following guide;

Connecting the wireless router to the student residence network

  • Connect the rear Internet port to the network socket in your room using the Yellow coloured network cable supplied with the router as per the diagram below
  • Ensure the router is connected to the mains using the power adapter and is switched on


Please make sure that only the Internet (Yellow) port is connected to the network socket on the wall, otherwise the router will not work and will cause problems for other users


DHCP and DNS should always be set to automatic on the network interfaces of your device.  If you have problems connecting please check these settings and ensure they are set to automatic with no static entries.

If you continue to have issues please contact the IT Helpdesk on 0141 273 1234