Module Evaluations

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Towards the end of every Trimester at GCU, you will be asked to complete a short online evaluation for each of the modules you are due to complete.

Evaluations are easy to complete – most questions require a tick-only response or use a rating scale – but you also have the opportunity to add comments if you’d like.

Each evaluation should only take around five minutes to complete and lecturers will give you some time during class to complete the evaluation for their module.

You can find a link to your module evaluations on GCU Learn and/or follow the links in an email invite sent to your University account at the time of the evaluations.


Sharing your experiences helps module leaders continue to improve the design, delivery and assessment of modules.

Although you might be moving on from a module, your feedback helps future students as it lets module leaders assess whether their modules are meeting expectations and identify areas for enhancement.

The modules you are currently studying may benefitted from previous feedback, so why not pay it back and help future students?

Keeping your feedback confidential

The feedback you provide is completely confidential. No individuals are identified in reporting of module evaluations and all data collected is held securely.

A report is generated for module leaders, Heads of Department and Deans based on the feedback from you and your classmates. Reports only include aggregated data (e.g. 85% of students ‘Agreed’ and 15% ‘Disagreed’ with the statement and so on), as well as any extra comments provided.

Your name will never be linked to your responses or comments in these reports. Some information held by GCU, for example, your course of study is attached to your response so that you do not have to provide it. This data is only used for aggregated reporting purposes.

All module evaluations follow the University's Data Protection guidelines. Further information can also be found in GCU's student privacy notice.

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