GCU Community: Working Together in Partnership

GCU views staff and students working as partners as central to the delivery of excellence in learning and outstanding student experience.

The GCU community – students, staff and the Students’ Association – are all responsible for partnership working in practice. Our Partnership Agreement was developed jointly by staff and students. It is structured around a set of four Principles which are are based on the GCU Values (Responsibility; Creativity; Integrity; Confidence) and Students’ Association strategic priority areas (Partnership; Belonging; Empowerment; Innovation).

The University and Students’ Association are committed to the continuous enhancement of the student experience and our Partnership Agreement outlines how we will work together to achieve this; it describes our culture of partnership working, rather than a list of actions to be taken. ‌You can find information on the 4 principles that the GCU Community will offer below which are outlined in the drop boxes.

1. Take shared responsibility for working in partnership to ensure an excellent student experience

This means:

• There is a culture of dignity and mutual respect across the University

• This culture enables open and honest conversations between students and staff; there is joint responsibility for engaging in discussion, providing feedback and sharing views

• Students and staff are proactive in identifying what works and what doesn’t in relation to the student experience

• Students and staff provide and respond to feedback, and act on the outcome of discussions

• There are a wide range of opportunities for students and staff to work in partnership to enhance the student experience

2. Foster a sense of belonging in all students and staff

This means:

• Embracing and respecting the diversity of the GCU student and staff community, and ensuring that there are equal opportunities for everyone’s voice to be heard

• Normalising community engagement through the promotion of clubs, societies and extra–curricular activity

• Encouraging peer interaction and support both in and out of the classroom

• Actively promoting student and staff wellbeing

• Encouraging and supporting graduates and alumni to remain part of the GCU community

3. Have the confidence to become engaged lifelong learners at university and throughout their careers

This means:

• Developing the four Common Good attributes: Active and Global Citizenship; an Entrepreneurial Mind–set; Responsible Leadership; Confidence

• Supporting each other to develop in confidence – academically, personally and professionally

• Supporting students and staff to work in partnership to enhance the student learning experience

• Widening horizons for students and staff through opportunities for international mobility and career development

4. Have the skills and knowledge to find creative, innovative solutions to 21st Century challenges

This means:

• Working in partnership to reinforce our defining position as the University for the Common Good

• Developing graduates who are proficient in their discipline as well as entrepreneurial, confident responsible and capable of fulfilling leadership roles in different organisational, cultural and global contexts

• Developing digital confidence and competence in all students and staff

• Making a positive impact on the communities that we serve through new developments in social innovation, transforming our lives and the lives of others

Achieving the Partnership Agreement

During Session 2016/17 the GCU Enhancing the Student Experience Action Plan was developed in partnership between staff and the Students’ Association. The Plan outlines a range of actions to enhance the student experience, focusing on four priority areas:

 • Student Engagement and a Sense of Belonging

• Programme Organisation, Management and Delivery

• Assessment and Feedback

• Wider Student Experience

 These priorities and actions will be the focus of our shared activity and will be used to assess and evaluate the impact of our partnership working.

We are very proud of our Partnership Agreement and are committed to its continual development and joint annual review.