Your Common Good story

When you have achieved all four attributes, we will ask you to upload a short video - a 'Digital Story' -  to YouTube to apply for the full Common Good Award.   

A digital story is a story like any other, but the key difference is that it is made up of media such as text, images, animations, video clips, audio recordings, blogs, webpages etc. You can use some or all of these digital resources to create a video which will tell us all about your Common Good activity(ies) and most importantly, how this has made a positive difference to the individuals, groups or communities you have been working with. 

We have posted some links below which will give you  tips and techniques for your digital stories. As ever, if you have any queries, simply e-mail us at

- Digital Storytelling - Powerpoint and Storytelling Templates

- Using PowerPoint for digital storytelling

- Digital storytelling Tips

- See some of our 2020 Award recipient stories here

Example Digital Stories

Recycling /CAOS Community Music/RDA/Charity Skydive

Lynzi Walker, BA Social Sciences

The Glittering Eyes Project

Amy O'Donnell, BSc Occupational Therapy

Common Good Award Recipients 2019

Some of our award recipients talk about why YOU should sign up!