Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors help new international students settle in and make the transition to GCU.

Opportunity to develop the following Common Good Attributes
Active and global citizenship
What’s involved?
Student Ambassadors support new international students to settle in and make the transition to GCU. They are present at the start of an international student’s course and help to orientate them and introduce them into the wider student body. The role is paid but many of our Ambassadors also offer their free time to help new students feel welcome and part of the GCU community.
How will participating in this activity/opportunity allow students to make a positive difference to the communities that we serve?
Many of our international students feel apprehensive about coming to study in Scotland. They are leaving their home, family and friends and, quite often for the first time, are coming to a new country and experiencing a new culture. Student Ambassadors help to integrate new students into the GCU community and also provide them with local knowledge and information. Our Student Ambassadors make what can often be a daunting experience into a positive and fun experience.
What are the benefits of taking part in this activity/opportunity for participating students?
Student Ambassadors get to meet new friends while often having fun. They are able to pass on their own experiences of GCU and Glasgow in the knowledge that they are making a positive impact on new students’ lives.
Which School or department delivers/ supports this activity?
Student Enquiries Advice and Events
Which students can participate in this activity?
All students
Name: Student Events Team
Department/School: Student Enquiries Advice and Events
Telephone: 0141 331 3101