Sports Clubs

Students can join a wide range of sports club and get involved in activities delivered by community groups.

Opportunity to develop the following Common Good Attributes
Responsible leadership
What’s involved?
GCU students can join a range of sports clubs which are co-ordinated by the Students’ Association. This involves attending meetings, training sessions and playing matches against other universities. They also have the opportunity to move into committee positions.
How will participating in this activity/opportunity allow students to make a positive difference to the communities that we serve?
Sports clubs are generally quite internal activities but we also have links with local community sports clubs. Student members can contribute to the sports activities delivered by these community groups.
What are the benefits of taking part in this activity/opportunity for participating students?
Getting involved in sports clubs is a great way to make new friends, have some fun, be active and feel good. There are around 35 different clubs, all organised by GCU student volunteers and most hold weekly activities and participate in competitions throughout the year. Participating students interact and network with sports team members from other universities, they develop team working skills, boost their physical and mental wellbeing by participating in exercise, and have the opportunity to attend events like the Glasgow Taxis Cup and the Sports Ball.
Success stories
This year was the first year which saw the award for Sports Person of the Year split into 2 – Woman and Man. GCUSA worked with GCU Foundation to ensure that an equal prize of £200 was given to both winners. The prize is to reward and recognise the contribution our students have made to sport.
Which School or department delivers/ supports this activity?
Students’ Association
Which students can participate in this activity?
All students. Get involved by visiting the Students’ Association building or looking at their website.
Role: Sports Assistant
Department/School: Students’ Association
Telephone: 0141 331 8256