Educational trusts and charities

Trusts and Scholarships can provide financial help with tuition fees and study costs such as books and travel expenses. In some cases you may get help with living costs.

Some Trusts are local and depend on specific criteria e.g. where you were born, went to school or live now; others depend on such factors as your surname or parents' occupations. Others are more general or focus on the subject you are studying.

Links and information on Trusts and Charities which you may be able to apply to:
How to apply to Trusts and Scholarships

Some organisations will send you an application form, whilst others prefer you to write a letter of application. Even if you know an organisation will send you an application form, you should still make your first letter quite detailed and specific.

Here are some guidelines on how to write to a Trust or Charity. 


It is important to structure your letter well:

  • start with a personal introduction: who you are, your age, where you come from, what course you are doing and where
  • say why you are writing to them: for example, give the reasons for your hardship
  • explain how financial assistance would help: for example, it would help you finish your course


You must be clear and concise – remember the organisation probably receives a lot of applications. Make sure you include all the relevant facts, but stick to the point. Be truthful but don’t dramatise your case.

Supporting Information

It usually helps if you include a letter of support from a member of academic staff. This should say that you are an able student, capable of completing the course. If the tutor knows your circumstances, they may want to mention the effect financial hardship is having on your studies, but do not feel that you have to tell financial details to your tutor if you do not want to.

Trusts and Scholarships at Glasgow Caledonian University
The Thomas & Margaret Rodden Trust

This trust is currently not accepting applications.

Graham Trust Bursary

The Fund is open to students with the surname Graham, or descendants of the Graham family, who are studying at a higher education institute in Glasgow. Further information about the fund can be found on our website. 

The deadline for students returning completed forms, including the required supporting documentation, is Monday 12th of July 2021 with decisions expected in October 2021.

Please apply by downloading the Graham Trust Bursary Application Form