Council Tax is set by Local Authorities to help pay for certain services that they provide. Find more information on this here.

Full-time students following an award-bearing programme of study that requires more than 21 hours of study per week, for at least 24 weeks in each academic year can apply for Council Tax exemption. If you are continuing on the same course after the summer, your status will cover you over the summer period.

On the last year of your course, full-time student status finishes at the end of the exam diet for the trimester you last attend classes in. For the majority of students this is the Trimester 2 exam diet, as your full time status does not extend to your graduation or the re-sit diet if applicable.

Please note that your address may not be eligible for exemption or discount if there are other adult residents at the address who are not full-time students. Full details of exemption eligibility can be found in Council Tax in Scotland - a guide for students.

How to Apply

There are two processes depending on your local authority. To find your local authority, you can use the search facility on the GOV.UK website using your post code. This will provide you with a direct link to their website.

Students living at Caledonian Court

Council Tax exemption for students living in University accommodation at Caledonian Court is automatic and will be handled by the Accommodation Office.

Glasgow City Council students:

If your term time address is within Glasgow City Council's area, we will send your details to them to confirm your status as a full time student.  We confirm student details on a fortnightly basis throughout the term. 

Although we automatically confirm your details, you still need to complete and submit Part 1 of their Exemption Form. 

Further information and forms can be found on the Glasgow City Council website.  

All other Local Authorities

If your term time address is under another local authority council, you can download a student status letter to submit with your exemption claim form. 

To order, you must have completed registration for the academic period.  However please note that letters cannot be ordered before the official start date of your course.  This does not include your induction week.

  • Go to My Service portal. 
  • Under My Service menu, click on Requests, then Browse Request Catalogue
  • Either browse to find Student Status Confirmation Letter category or type ‘letter’ in the search box
  • Click Order
  • For Council Tax, choose Standard Letter. Click on Submit and the letter will be emailed to your University email account

You will receive an email with the letter attached as a pdf file within 5 minutes. If you need a hard copy of the letter, you can open and print it yourself. 

Articulating Students

If you are an articulating student and you wish to claim exemption over the summer period, you should contact your own Local Authority and provide to them the confirmation of your offer of a place at GCU. During October we will either confirm your student status electronically to Glasgow City Council or you can create your own exemption certificate (see above).