Cost of Attendance (CoA)

A Cost of Attendance (CoA) will be emailed to you once you have completed Steps 1-5 in Glasgow Caledonian University Loan Application Process. The CoA is an estimate of your educational related costs for the academic year. The CoA will specify the total amount you may borrow through federal loans minus any other aid you may be receiving for that academic year such as bursaries or scholarships. If you are eligible for a Subsidized loan, your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) will also be deducted from a CoA figure to establish your ‘financial need’.

The CoA for students studying at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is set by the Student Funding Team and is increased in line with inflation for each academic year. These educational costs relate only to you, the student. These costs cannot include costs for partners or children (other than childcare or nursery costs). These broad based costs can be broken down as follows as a guide as to how much you may need for your year of study:

Please note, whilst your CoA can include Travel, we cannot issue loan payments before the beginning of the academic year so you should not rely on your first payment to finance your travel to Glasgow.

If you are in receipt of scholarship or bursary funding, either from the University or another source, you must inform us so that this can be factored into your Cost of Attendance. Failure to do so will result in a recalculation and reduction of your loan later in the academic year when it is discovered you are in receipt of additional sources of funding.

While your costs may vary depending on where you stay in Glasgow, we expect your cost of attendance to be roughly in line with our estimates. 

Loan Types, Amounts and Repayments

There are different loans available depending on whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student. There are also different types of loans available to undergraduate students depending on your dependency.

Subisidized Loans

Subsidized loans are only available to undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need, as determined by federal regulations. No interest is charged whilst you are studying at least half-time, during the grace period (the first 6 months after you finish University) and during deferment periods (a postponement of loan payments).

Unsubsidized Loans

Unsubsidized loans are available to undergraduate and postgraduate students. They are not based on financial need. Interest is charged during all periods.

Parent PLUS Loans

Parent PLUS loans are available for parents of undergraduate students who are classed as dependent. Parents can borrow up to the total estimated Cost of Attendance as issued by Glasgow Caledonian University. Parent PLUS loans are the responsibility of the parent and not the student.

Graduate PLUS Loans

Grad PLUS Loans are available for postgraduate students. A graduate may borrow up to the total estimated Cost of Attendance as issued by Glasgow Caledonian University University.

Private Loans

Private Loans are not federal loans but are available to most US citizens.

Students studying in the UK are not eligible for Perkins Loans or Pell Grants.

Fees and Interest Rates

Origination Fees

Most federal student loans have loan fees that are a percentage of the total loan amount. The loan fee is deducted proportionately from each loan disbursement you receive while enrolled in school. This means the money you receive will be less than the amount you actually borrow. You’re responsible for repaying the entire amount you borrowed and not just the amount you received. Origination fees change each year.

Interest Rates

Stafford loan limits

The maximum Stafford Loans that you are allowed to borrow annually and over your academic career are set by the US government. The amount available depends on your degree level and whether or not you have been classed as dependant or independent on your FAFSA.

Stafford Loan Limits
Year of Study Annual Subsidised Annual Total Combined Loans
(Sub & Unsub)
Aggregate Subsidised Aggregate Combined Loans (Sub & Unsub)
Undergraduate Dependent Students
Year 1 $3500 $5500 $23000 $31000
Year 2 $4500 $6500 $23000 $31000
Year 3+ $5500 $7500 $23000 $31000
Undergraduate Independent Students
Year 1 $3500 $9500 $23000 $57000
Year 2 $4500 $10500 $23000 $57000
Year 3+ $5500 $12500 $23000 $57000
Graduates & Professional Students
All Years $0 $20500 $0

$57,500 for undergraduates—No more than $23,000 of this amount may be in subsidized loans.

$138,500 for graduate or professional students—No more than $65,500 of this amount may be in subsidized loans. The graduate aggregate limit includes all federal loans received for undergraduate study.