Discretionary fund

Application and other forms

Due to the current corona virus situation, we can only accept applications by email. You should only send us one PDF attachment, containing the completed application and all supporting documentation.

Please note due to a high volumes of applications their may be a slight delay in receiving any funding you are awarded.

An easy way to do this is to use a website called www.ilovepdf.com. This allows you to convert file types from one format to another, and to collate them all into a single document.

  • Download the application from and use www.ilovepdf.com to convert this to word, fill it out and convert back to pdf (again using www.ilovepdf.com to do so).
  • Bank or credit card statements - you can download copies of bank or credit card statements as pdfs from most online banking accounts. Mobile apps sometimes do not give this option, so you may need to log into your online banking via a website, instead of relying on a mobile app.

Don't go from "current transactions" as this rarely produces a statement. Look for "statements" or go to historical transactions and go back 1 month. Statements (e.g something that "looks" like a posted version with name address, account details etc.) are only produced once every month so if you can't get one for this month, last months will be there somewhere.

  • SAAS award letter - this can be downloaded as pdf from your SAAS account. If you can’t find it and need to request a copy from SAAS, you can email SAAS asking for a copy of your 2019-20 Award notice. Whilst the SAAS email response says a response can take up to 28 days, students requesting an Award notice usually receive this within a few days

Any other evidence can be converted from photograph or jpeg to pdf using www.ilovepdf.com

FINAL IMPORTANT STEP - use www.ilovepdf.com to collate all the pdfs you have pulled together into 1 document, save this as your name and Student ID, and email to funding@gcu.ac.uk

Application Forms

Full Time Discretionary & Childcare Application Form 2019-20

Part Time Discretionary &Childcare Fund Application Form 2019-20

Carer Form 2019-20

BACS form and Guidance Note 2019-20


Who Can Apply?

Please note - International and EU fee only funded students are not eligible to apply to this fund.

Undergraduate - As an undergraduate student, you must have taken out the maximum support package available from SAAS or your own LEA to be eligible for this fund.

Postgraduate - Postgraduates (not nursing & Midwifery) can also apply as long as you can show you have applied for any available Government funding and have some support in place for living costs while you study. 

Nursing – Undergraduate nursing students can apply to the Nursing Discretionary Fund for extra help towards study and living costs. Please note these funds are limited and you must have taken out full SAAS funding in order to apply.

Part time - Part time students can apply for help towards travel, study costs (such as books, printing, photocopying) and registered childcare costs while attending GCU. See our Part-time section for further information.

Some groups of students are given priority:

  • Care experienced students
  • Students with at least one dependant child
  • Final-year students
  • Students who are carers
  • Postgraduate students who receive tuition fee support from SAAS
  • Part-time students
  • Estranged students
How Do I Apply?

Information on applying to Discretionary and Childcare Funds whilst Off-Campus

The University is working hard to ensure that students who are struggling financially, or need childcare assistance during placements or on-line teaching, can apply for assistance.

Applications usually take 2-3 to process. Please be aware that this timescale may be a little longer due to off-campus working procedures.

Should you wish to make an application to the Discretionary and/or Childcare Fund, please ensure you adhere to the following guidance:

For Discretionary Fund Applications:

  • Download a Discretionary Fund application form
  • Print the application form and complete all sections except Part 6
  • Gather required documentation as listed on front page of application
  • Make sure you sign and date your application
  • Scan your application form and accompanying documentation and email to funding@gcu.ac.uk


For Childcare Applications:

Please follow the guidelines for Discretionary Applications PLUS:

  • Download a Carer Form for your Childcare Provider to complete and return to you to attach with your application
  • Remember to complete the back page of the Carer Form
  • Ensure you provide a detailed timetable for placements or online teaching
  • Ensure you give clear details on your application or in your email of why you require childcare for this period
  • Scan your application form and accompanying documentation and email to funding@gcu.ac.uk
Tips on filling in the form
  • If you have a mortgage, make sure that when you are writing down your monthly outgoings you include mortgage-related insurance such as building and contents insurance.
  • Include monthly expenses for: TV licence, personal insurance, course materials and household expenses.
  • Hang on to a few of your bus or train tickets so that you can include these as evidence of travel costs. Please note that we will only consider the cheapest mode of transport.
  • Make sure you enclose photocopies of all the supporting documents you need when handing in your application (these are listed on the front page of the form).  If some are missing, or you forget to get an academic tutor or programme administrator's signature, your application will be returned to you and you will need to complete fully and resubmit. This will significantly delay processing any award.
Part-time students

Part-time students can only apply to the Discretionary Fund for help towards study costs, travel and registered childcare.

Collect a PINK Discretionary & Childcare Fund application form and a yellow BACS transfer form‌ from Level 1 of the George Moore building, next to the Campus Life desk or the Student Funding Team in the Campus Life Lounge. 

Fill out the application form and enclose photocopies of the relevant documentation listed on the front page of the form.

Make sure you remember to get your Application Form signed by an Academic Tutor or Programme Administrator to confirm attendance and fill out Part 7 giving details of why you are applying.

Remember to complete all pages of the forms. Once you have filled in the forms, take them (including all photocopied documents required) to the Post Box on level 1 of the George Moore building (next to the Campus Life desk) or to the Campus Life Lounge during Drop-in times.

Discretionary Fund Myths

It is only available to mature students
NOT TRUE – We do not apply any age restrictions

It is only available to students with children
NOT TRUE– We accept applications from those with no dependants
You must have debts
NOT TRUE– You don’t have to be in debt (but we take it into consideration if you are)
You can’t apply if you live in your parental home
NOT TRUE – You can apply if you own / rent a property or if you live with your parents

You can only apply once throughout your whole degree
NOT TRUE– You can apply in every year of your course as long as you remain eligible

It takes hours to fill in and we need evidence of everything
NOT TRUE–It can take as little as 30 minutes and it all depends on your personal situation as to how much evidence we need. 
You can’t apply if your parents are working
NOT TRUE– SAAS will calculate a parental contribution that we will consider, but we won’t ask for their income details and will take your expenditure into account when making decisions 

You can't apply if you are working
NOT TRUE - You can apply as long as you're having problems balancing your monthly finances or find yourselves with unexpected costs that you cannot budget for.