Leaving/changing a programme or taking time out

You may be experiencing difficulties and think you may have to withdraw. Don't make any decision before you discuss it with someone in your academic division or school. You could also talk to an adviser in Learner Support (Student Funding, Effective Learning, Careers, Wellbeing, Disability and International Student Service): telephone +44 (0)141 273 1376. or email funding@gcu.ac.uk.

Leaving or changing your programme could affect your funding now and in the future. It could mean that you are asked to pay back any funding that you have received.

If you withdraw from your programme during the academic session you will be charged a fee based on your withdrawal date.

The withdrawal date is the date the programme organiser receives written notice that you are withdrawing. Write to your programme organiser as soon as possible or you may have to pay more in fees.

If you do decide to withdraw and are paying your own fees please contact the Accounts Receivable team in the Finance Office.