Financial registration

My fees are not correct at registration

When registering / re-registering for your programme, you will always see the full fee for the course. We advise all students to continue with their registration and once registered, Finance will review each student record and amend tuition fees accordingly and apply any scholarships/discounts you are eligible for against your invoice.

For further information, please see Registry Help and Guidance pages which can guide you through this process.

My employer is paying my tuition fees, how do I provide this information?

Billing information is requested during Registration. It is important students provide accurate information in order for invoices to be issued.

Most employers now require Purchase Order in order to pay any invoice. Invoices issued without Purchase Order numbers are rejected and returned to us. In order to avoid any delays on payment, please provide this information during Registration. if you do not have this please obtain this from your Line Manager and pass onto Finance quoting your Student ID number.

Canadian Tax Forms

For completion of your Canadian Tax Form please contact both your Programme Co-ordinator and Finance to have your tax form completed


Student visa

I am looking for my fee confirmation for my CAS/VISA

You CAS will be issued by the Admissions team at GCU. Admissions receive notification of all Tuition Deposits received.

The quickest and easiest method for payment is online. We recommend for all students required to pay a tuition fee deposit, that you use the International Deposit option on our How to Pay page. This enables the Admissions team to receive notification your deposits has been paid. Should you which to pay more than £3500, please continue to select the International Deposit option online for these payments to be visible to the Admissions team.

My deposit isn’t showing on my Student Portal, how can I update this?

Admissions are responsible with updating the student portal & confirming your deposit. Please contact CAS (Admissions) and a member of the team will be able to assist you. Should admissions be unable to see your deposit, a member of the team will contact Finance to have your deposit confirmed.



Am I eligible for any funding towards my tuition fees/cost of living?

The Funding Team at GCU have lots of information on the Funding options available to all students

For SAAS funding, Students should review the timescales advised by SAAS for applications deadlines. This is independent to the University. It is important for all students who are due to receive SAAS funding, to apply for their funding in plenty of time. For students on an Undergraduate course, an application must be made every academic session to ensure payment is made for your tuition fees.

You can also discover a wide range of funded Scholarships/Discounts which you may be entitled to via our Scholarships page which may help reduce the overall cost of your tuition fees. Please engage with the Scholarship team if you have questions regarding any of these.

How do I apply for a Part Time Fee Grant?

Students can email their completed applications to Student Records

For more information please visit Part Time Fee Grant online.

I have not received my student loan and advised I need my attendance confirmed,

SAAS and the Student Loan Company require attendance confirmation from the University for them to continue to release your loan payment to you.  It is not the Finance team who confirms attendance to these government bodies, this process is undertaken by the Student Records team.

Please see registration online for further information.


Tuition fee invoicing and how to pay

When will I receive my invoice?

Invoicing for students can start once registration is complete.  Please ensure you provide accurate information during registration for who is paying your tuition fees.  Full-time programmes will be invoiced first with the majority of part-time programme invoicing taking place after week 3.  All invoices will be issued by email to your University student email address.

For any students awaiting their invoice, please ensure you check your junk mail as your invoice may have been delivered there.

How can I setup a payment plan?

Self-funded students with tuition fees over £200 will be able to setup a payment plan with 8 monthly instalments via our secure online payment service, once their tuition fee invoice has been received. Further information on payments plans can be found on our How to Pay page.

If you require assistance setting up a payment plan once you have received your invoice, please see our Payment Plan Set Up guide on our Finance page.

For any students awaiting their invoice, please ensure you check your junk mail as your invoice may have been delivered there.

Can I pay my tuition fees in advance of receiving my invoice?

Yes, you can make payment in advance of receiving your invoice via our secure open payment link. Any payments you make towards your fees in advance of your invoice, will be allocated and a balance due invoice issued showing your remaining fees owed.  

You may also like to take advantage of our Early Payment Discount. You can check your eligibility here and terms are stated on our Fees and Refund Policy

If you wish to find out tuition fees for GCU courses, you can view details online.

I am unable to re-register as I have an outstanding debt

As detailed in the Credit Control and Debt Management Policy, in order to re-register all outstanding debt must be paid in full prior to registration deadline set by the University.

If you are unable to pay your fees in full prior to the deadline, please contact Finance via or call on +44 141 331 8195 where a member of our team can discuss your financial circumstances further with you. Once payment has been made in full or an agreement in place, you will be able to re-register.

I am having financial difficulties and unable to pay my fees, who can I speak to

As per our Fees and Refund policy, students retain the ultimate liability for the payment of their fees. In applying this policy, all students will be offered the same payment plans outlined in this policy.  It is important all students engage with the Finance team at the earliest opportunity should they be having financial difficulties. We recommend you email Accounts Receivable or call us on +44 141 331 8195, where a member of the team can discuss the status of your account and review your individual circumstances.

The University has a Student Wellbeing team who can assist student in a wide range of additional support to help students be successful in their studies.