Loan Disbursement & Exit Counselling

Loan Disbursement

US Federal Loans

Once your loans have been certified you will receive confirmation of the amounts, disbursement dates and amounts. This letter may be used as proof of funding for Visa purposes.

The first disbursement takes place in September for all students and funds will be requested from the US Dept of Education only when you have registered.

Please ensure that you have sufficient funds to see you through the first 3-4 weeks. This will allow time for you to open a UK bank account, your loan funds to be disbursed and the initial cheque to clear in your account.


Sallie Mae

  • You need to contact the US Federal Loans mailbox and request a bank account details form.
  • On your disbursment date SallieMae will send a cheque from the US to the University.
  • The cheque is co-payable to you and the University. When we receive it we will e-mail you at your student address and ask you to call in to endorse the back.*
  • When you have endorsed the cheque we will bank it and exchange it into sterling.
  • Your tuition fees will be deducted (third fees if you have opted for 3 loan disbursements) and the remainder will be refunded directly to your UK bank account.

*GCU London Students - I will mail the cheque to GCU London for you to endorse and they will return it to me.


Disbursement Dates

The disbursement dates provided are estimated. Please do not depend on funds being credited to your account on that date. You may need to allow 5-6 working days for the whole release of funds process to complete.

If your registration in September is delayed this can affect the release of your first disbursement. For subsequent disbursements, delays in obtaining confirmation of your Satisfactory Academic Progress will also affect the release of funds.


Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students attending the Glasgow Caledonian University and who are in receipt of Federal Aid are required to make satisfactory progress in their degree program.

We are required by the US Department of Education to check the progress of students and we will do this prior to releasing second and (where applicable) third disbursements. Please note that the Federal Loan regulations stipulate that students may not take more than 150% of the normal duration to complete their studies.

Postgraduate Students
  • The end of a programme for Masters degrees is September and not the graduation date. Please note if you leave the UK early and return to the US to complete your dissertation that period is ineligible for Federal Loans and you may be asked to repay some of the funds you have received.
  • For PHD programmes the end of the programme is deemed to be the date your dissertation is submitted.


Exit Counselling Requirements

When your enrolment at the Glasgow Caledonian University ceases you are obliged to complete exit counselling. This includes graduation, withdrawal from University, transfer to another school or drop to a less than half time study basis.

You will be asked to complete your counselling session on the National Loan Data System (NSLDS) site. This session takes approximately 30 minutes and provides you with information on your rights and the repayment of your loans. Visit to complete the counselling. You will need the PIN used for your FAFSA application.

Please e-mail the US Federal Loan mailbox when you have done this and she will retrieve this and update your loan records.