There are lots of things you can do to avoid getting into debt as a student.

  • Remember that the student loan has to last you 12 months except in your final year, so make sure you budget for the summer months
  • Make a budget – this is very important, especially if you have not had to do this before. Make a list of all your costs per month and work out how much you have to live on each month (e.g. student loan, bursary, part-time job). See if there's any shortfall and then look at ways to decrease your costs or increase your income.
  • Shop around for the best bank account – don’t be taken in by free gifts or other introductory gimmicks as these are not always linked to the best accounts.
  • Credit cards may seem like a good idea at the time, but the debt soon builds up – even with the best of intentions! If necessary, get only one, and keep up your monthly repayments.

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What to do if you get into debt

First of all, if you get into debt

  1. don’t ignore it
  2. don’t panic
  3. do something about it now

There are different ways you can get advice:

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