Funds are available for Home students to help towards registered childcare costs during term time. These costs may include a nursery, child minder or after school care. You can only apply for help towards days for which you are timetabled to attend GCU or placements. International and EU (fee only funded) students cannot apply to this fund.

To be eligible you must be in receipt of all SAAS/Local Education Authority support funding available to you. Funds are limited so how much you are awarded towards childcare will take into account household income and any other sources of childcare funding you are already entitled to, for example, Lone Parents Childcare Grant/Working Tax or Universal Credit Childcare element/Local Authority contribution. 

These funds are only available for childcare provision for children up to the age of 14 (unless for a child over 14 with disability needs).

If you are a full time, undergraduate lone parent there is a Lone Parent Childcare Grant of £1,215 available to help with registered childcare costs.  You must be in receipt of the SAAS Lone Parent's Grant or HMRC Working Tax Credit lone parent's allowance in order to apply. The Student Funding Team will assess your eligibility and administer this grant as part of your childcare award over the academic year.

There are different guidelines for Nursing students. For more information you can look at Childcare Help for Nursing Students.