Help with paying for childcare

For funding purposes, childcare falls into 2 categories:

  • Registered childcare is provided by people or organisations who are childcare providers registered with your local council. They may be childminders, nurseries, after school clubs or day-care centres.
  • Unregistered childcare is provided by people who are not registered as childcare providers.

Some students may use both registered and unregistered childcare, in which case you may need to apply for financial help from more than one source. However, there is generally more financial help available for registered childcare costs. This page gives you information on the different sources you may be able to apply to. International and EU fee only funded students cannot apply for help towards childcare costs.

Please note: Only days timetabled to attend GCU or placement will be considered for an award from the Childcare Funds.

Since funds are limited, any award made may not cover your full costs.

Payments towards childcare costs only cover one trimester, therefore you may need to apply more than once over the academic year.

All childcare providers are contacted by the Student Funding Team to check attendance and payments.

If you would like advice on applying for help towards childcare costs or completing the application form contact us.