Discretionary Fund Myths

It is only available to mature students
NOT TRUE – We do not apply any age restrictions

It is only available to students with children
NOT TRUE– We accept applications from those with no dependants
You must have debts
NOT TRUE– You don’t have to be in debt (but we take it into consideration if you are)
You can’t apply if you live in your parental home
NOT TRUE – You can apply if you own / rent a property or if you live with your parents

You can only apply once throughout your whole degree
NOT TRUE– You can apply in every year of your course as long as you remain eligible

It takes hours to fill in and we need evidence of everything
NOT TRUE–It can take as little as 30 minutes and it all depends on your personal situation as to how much evidence we need. 
You can’t apply if your parents are working
NOT TRUE– SAAS will calculate a parental contribution that we will consider, but we won’t ask for their income details and will take your expenditure into account when making decisions 

You can't apply if you are working
NOT TRUE - You can apply as long as you're having problems balancing your monthly finances or find yourselves with unexpected costs that you cannot budget for.