Online Study Request

The Scottish Government have released guidance advising that the term “shielding” is no longer in use and those who might have been asked to shield in the past are now described as people who are at the “highest risk from COVID”, advising that people in this category can follow the same advice as the rest of the population.  This includes attending university, unless their clinician has advised them otherwise individually. Students who have received such advice from their clinician or are caring for others who have received such advice, can request to study online for Tri A.

Please note that such requests can only be granted where the student is able to complete the learning outcomes of the programme without attending on campus teaching. Where this is not possible, options for discussion with the student could include deferring their studies; taking time out or deferring specific modules which involve face to face teaching. Where students have not received advice from their clinician about on campus study, they should be advised to seek advice before they make any decisions about deferring or taking time out.

It is also recognised that many students will be anxious about using public transport and/or coming on campus. It is important to reassure them of the measures the university has put in place to reduce transmission on campus, in line with Scottish Government guidance. It is also important to reinforce the physical and mental health benefits of face to face engagement for students and the dangers of isolation. 

Students can be offered familiarisation visits to campus to help address their initial anxiety (support for this can be arranged via Student Life). Wherever possible, student requests should be addressed as flexibly as possible considering all of the above. Decisions can only be made for Trimester A at this point in time.

Online Study Request Process

To request to study online for Trimester A, the following process must be followed;

1) All students must discuss their individual circumstances with their Programme Leader, or for large programmes, Year Tutor, in the first instance. 

2) Following the discussion, where a student still wishes to make a request, they are provided with a link to an online form to complete.

3) The Programme Leader, or for large programmes, Year Tutor, will consider the formal request and then inform the student of their decision.