Below are some common questions and answers below which should help with any querys you have. 

Do I need to know my student ID or Matriculation number to order a transcript?

No, but it does help us to process your order faster.  If you don't have your ID, please provide as much information as you can to help us locate your record.

Can I order a transcript even though I withdrew from my course before graduating?

Yes, if you have formally withdrawn from the University then you can request a transcript which will show the examination results and credits up to that date.

Can I have information added to or excluded from my transcript?

As a transcript is an official document, it is not possible to add or remove information. 

When will I receive my transcript?

We aim to produce transcripts within 15 working days. However, at peak times this may be longer.

Results and marks prior to 1998 are held in our archives department. Transcripts from this period will likely take longer and production time could be around 20 working days.

Can I have my transcript emailed to me?

Normally we do not provide email copies of transcripts.  However due to coronavirus and the majority of university staff working off campus if you apply for an academic transcript from 1994/1995 onwards, this will be emailed to you.

My transcript has not arrived – what should I do?

Allow this period of time for delivery:

  • Period of study after 1998 - allow up to 20 working days (UK addresses) or 30 working days (non-UK addresses)
  • Period of study before 1998 - allow up to 25 working days (UK addresses) or 40 working days (non-UK addresses)

If you have still not received your transcript, please email with your ID/matriculation number, name and GCU online store order reference. 

I think there is an error on my transcript – what should I do?

Please contact the Confirmation of Study team by email