Sadly, GCU has had to postpone this winter’s graduation ceremonies and planned graduation ball, to a later date. We appreciate this will be really disappointing for many, but in the context of the coronavirus crisis there is a clear need to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff and all our families. Eligible students will receive their parchments by end of November 2020 to their home address. If you wish to update your home address please see for more information.

Further information about rescheduled graduation ceremonies can be found on our Graduation Day page.

Graduation day is the day you can say "I've done it"; it is a milestone in your life. You may be the first person in your family to graduate, or you may have come back to the University for Further Study. Whatever stage you are at in your learning or career, we are proud and glad that you have achieved your award with us.

GCU holds a number of ceremonies both in the UK and overseas with our transnational partners throughout the year. Glasgow and London ceremony dates for this, and future academic years, can be found on the University Calendar.

Glasgow - 2 Sets of Ceremonies, summer (end June/start of July) and winter (November). There are usually 4 ceremonies held in the summer and 3 in the winter.  Details of the schedule can be found on our Graduation Day page.

London - 1 Graduation Ceremony held in November.

Students at GCU London who are eligible to graduate in May of each year can opt to graduate at a Glasgow summer ceremony either in person or in absentia

Transnational & Partner Ceremonies

South Africa (Transnet) - 1 Ceremony a year, held between October and December.

National University of Science and Technology, Oman - 1 Ceremony per year held between October and November.

Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing - 1 Ceremony per year held normally in December.

Please visit the Graduation Day page for details and dates for each.

Graduation Updates
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