GCU students can go on exchange in Europe under the Erasmus+ programme which enables students to study at similar university departments and programmes across Europe. Don’t speak a foreign language? Don’t worry, our partner universities offer classes which are taught entirely in English.

Why choose an Erasmus+ Exchange?

Language Skills

Although you will be taking classes in English, many of our partner universities offer language and culture classes to exchange students. This gives you a chance to develop these skills and add something new to your CV.


Funding is available to students who undertake an Erasmus+ exchange and is intended to assist with general costs.  In 2021/22 students on exchange in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark will receive 420€/month and exchange students in all other European countries will receive 370€/month. This funding is paid in two instalments - the first (80% of overall allowance) on confirmation of arrival at the host university, and the second instalment (remaining 20%) on completion of the exchange. 

We also encourage students to look into the various travel scholarships available from GCU.

Choosing a Destination

If you would like to go on an Erasmus+ exchange then GCU must have a partnership agreement with that university. These partnerships are course-specific so International Business and Mechanical Engineering students will have different options for example. To see which options are available for your course, please visit our GCU Learn Community, Exchange & Study Abroad. The lists on our community are updated before each application round so be sure to check regularly as options may vary.

It is a great opportunity to travel during your time at university and experience a new country and its people. Living abroad is not like going on holiday where you only scratch the surface of a country’s culture and lifestyle. You become part of the everyday life in that country and gain insight into the world.

GCU Student, 2016