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Use your GCU student login to join the Erasmus Network today and meet other students from different continents and cultures who enjoy travelling and love Glasgow Caledonian University.

The Erasmus network gives you the opportunity to meet others who can help you discover what is great about Glasgow, share stories of travelling and compare experiences at home and abroad. Whether you are spending a semester at GCU, have just returned from an amazing study trip or are just interested in meeting other students who like to travel, the Erasmus student network is a great society to be part of.

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If you are thinking about studying abroad or coming to GCU on exchange, our Facebook page is a great place to find out more and talk to people who have already done it:

GCU Erasmus Network on Facebook

If you have any questions feel free to drop a post on the group wall or email us on

What is the Erasmus Student Network?

‌Erasmus Student Network UK (ESNUK) is an international student organisation run by volunteers in Higher Education institutions in 32 countries. ESNUK at GCU is a group of GCU student volunteers who have returned from an exchange, are here at GCU on exchange, or are thinking about going on exchange. The group's main function is to promote exchange opportunities and help students integrate into the GCU culture.

The Erasmus+ Student Charter

Find out more the Erasmus+ experience, your rights and obligations and what you can expect from your sending and receiving organisations.

Download the Official Erasmus Charter.