Mitigating Circumstances

Given the extraordinary circumstances that the University, its staff and students find themselves in from COVID-19, it has been decided that students DO NOT need to submit a MITS application for any Trimester B or C module – irrespective of the reason (e.g. Covid-19 or other medical/personal) 

At the upcoming Progression & Award Boards, all students will be considered as if they have successfully submitted MITS.  This means:

  1. For any student who is unable to submit an assessment or fails a required assessment in relation to a Trimester B or C module(s) will automatically be given the opportunity to resubmit with their attempt preserved.
  2. When considering a student’s overall performance or performance in a Tri B or Tri C module, Progression & Award Boards will take into account the effect that the Covid-19 pandemic will have placed on students outcomes, particularly in relation to honours classification or merit/distinction for Levels 3 and M

However some students may still wish to make the University aware of specific circumstances that have affected their studies, so that this information can be passed to their Programme Team and also, if they wish, to the Student Wellbeing Team.

For PG students who have received their Progression & Assessment Board results in October 2020 and wish to submit Mitigating Circumstances for a Trimester A, 19/20 module(s) ONLY this can be done here.  Please note the deadline is 29th October 2020 and evidence MUST be uploaded at the same time as your Application.

Please note that some students had submitted a paper MITS form prior to the Campus closing.  Given our remote working, we do not have an electronic record of these.  Therefore, as you will be considered as having submitted, there is no requirement to submit an online form, unless you wish us to be made aware of any specific circumstances now.  Once the campus has re-opened, we will process these forms in relation to passing on any relevant information that you have given us permission to.

Details of the University’s standard Mitigating Policy can be access here 

Please note Mitigating Circumstances are also not required to be submitted to request an extension for a piece of assessment.  Please contact your module tutor directly should you wish to request a short extension