Mitigating Circumstances

Student Health, Wellbeing and Happiness

Your health, wellbeing and happiness is important to us and we want every student to have the best possible chance to succeed. During your studies, there may be times when personal issues or ill health (Physical or mental) affect your studies.  When this happens we would encourage you to seek support as soon as possible.  Your Programme Leader or Personal Tutors can give you guidance on the best options available to you. These can include seeking an extension or taking time out from your studies.

Mitigating Circumstance

Mitigating Circumstances (MITs) is a process by which you can submit a request to the University to take unforeseen and acute personal circumstances into account when considering academic progression.

Mitigating Circumstances submissions are for Exceptional, Serious, Acute and Unforeseen circumstances or events which genuinely affect preparation for an assessment or your ability to undertake an exam and/or submit a coursework and which were out with your control.

Examples when you should and shouldn’t submit MITs:

You SHOULD Submit MITs for

  •   Hospitalisation
  •  Serious Acute Medical Issue
  •  Serious Acute Mental Health Issue
  •  Victim of Crime
  •  Death of a close Family Member
  •  Serious housing, family or financial problems leading to significant stress
  •  Technical or IT issues that have affected your exams or coursework (you should ensure that your module leader is informed when this occurs).

You SHOULD NOT submit MITs for



Request an Extension to Submission Dates

Contact your module leader to request an extension (but don’t wait till the date of submission! or it could be too late)

Request Alternative exam arrangements

Contact the Student Disability Team

Request to Suspend your Studies 

Speak with your Personal Tutor or Programme Leader if you are considering suspending your studies

Mental Health or Long Term Health Conditions – Don’t wait for MITs - Seek Assistance Now

Please seek help & assistance if you are struggling with your mental health or wellbeing.  The Student Wellbeing team provide a free and confidential support service. The team offers a friendly face and a listening ear in a safe and non-judgemental environment.  The services available can be accessed at  need to talk to someone webpages.


Students Association

If you require assistance to complete your MITs application, help is available from the GCU Students’ Association Advice Centre.  Students can contact the Advice Centre by phone on 0141 273 1650 or email  Further information is available at the Students' Association webpages.



The University has introduced a blended delivery model to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on normal operations.  Mitigating Circumstance applications can be made to highlight any unforeseen problems or events, which have led to exceptional, serious or acute circumstances (i.e. isolated, non-recurring and recent), impacting on your ability to undertake assessment and/or submit coursework on time.

The requirement to provide evidence is suspended for 2020/21 . In place of evidence, you are required to provide a short clear statement detailing why your circumstances meet the criteria of being ‘exceptional, serious, acute and unforeseen’.

If your Mitigating Circumstance application is presented on the basis of COVID-19, please outline the way in which this has impacted on your ability to undertake assessment and/or submit coursework on time.  This could be, for example, as a result of COVID-19 directly impacting on your health on the day/date of assessment, a public health requirement to self-isolate, the consequential impact of COVID-19 on your physical or mental health, or unforeseen caring responsibilities, which have directly impacted on your ability to undertake assessment.


Policy and Help sheet

Please read the MITS Policy.

The Mitigating Circumstances - Help Sheet for Students provides useful information and should be read prior to submitting any MITs application  



Submitting MITs Process


1) When completing your MITs form, please take time over this and include all the required information. Please note you can only submit this form once, it is therefore essential that the information provided is accurate and you have entered the details for all the modules you wish to be considered. Once submitted the form cannot be updated, amended or changed.

2) If you require help to complete your MITs form, you should contact your Personal Tutor or the Advice Centre in the Students' Association. The contact details are;  or by calling 0141 273 1650.

3) You are encouraged to tick the box - SEND ME AN EMAIL RECEIPT OF MY RESPONSES, before submitting your MITs application, for your records.

4) If you disclose complex mental or physical health challenges and/or severe and complex life circumstances and you are NOT already in contact with the Student Wellbeing Team, the University would like to share this information with the Team, to ensure you receive follow up support. Please note this information will only be shared with the Student Wellbeing Team if you have indicated on your MITs application form that you agree to this. The only other instance where your information will be shared is where there are concerns around risk.

5) MITs applications are considered by the Mitigating Circumstances Board after each closing date. MITs outcomes will be sent to your university email account shortly after that. 


When can I submit an application?

There are various rounds of MITs application throughout the academic year for each Trimester.

Round Notes Open   Close (deadline)
Trimester A     January 22nd
Trimester A PG Retrospective

For those that were not able to submit for TriA within deadlines due to exceptional circumstances AND were considered at a formal Progression & Award Board in February.

               March 12th
Trimester B   March 24th May 28th
Trimester A& B Retrospective For those that were not able to submit for TriA or B within deadlines due to exceptional circumstances. June 9th 10 days after receipt of PAB outcome, final date July 15th*
Trimester C   July 28th Aug 27th
Trimester C Retrospective For those that were not able to submit for TriC within deadlines due to exceptional circumstances Sept 8th 10 days after receipt of PAB outcome, final date Sept 29th*
PG Final submission Retrospective For those that were not able to submit for TriC within deadlines due to exceptional circumstances Oct 8th 10 days after receipt of PAB outcome, final date Oct 28th*


*You must submit your Retro MITS application no later than 10 days AFTER receipt of your Progression & Award Board (PAB) decision email.  The dates indicated are the very last dates based on current schedule of PAB.

Trimester B Mitigating Circumstances Applications

Applications for Mitigating Circumstances in relation to TriB modules is now open

The closing date for submitting an application is Friday May 28th.

Please note:

  • This submission is for Trimester B Modules only
  • You cannot apply for an extension to a submission date via MITS.  Please contact your Module Leader to request an extension if that would assist you in being able to submit.
  • You can only submit one TriB MITS application, therefore please ensure that all relevant details are provided in your application
  • You cannot request a specific outcome via your MITS application, if accepted, it will be for your Progression & Award Board to decide any amendments to decisions.
  • Before you complete an application, please ensure you have the following to hand:

o   Student ID (available from your Student ID Card)

o   Programme of Study (Code and Title, available via GCU Learn)

o   Module Code, Title and Assessment Details, including submission dates for assessments that you wish to apply for MITS against.

To submit a Mitigation Circumstances application for AY 20/21 Trimester B, please click on the below link;

 Trimester B – Mitigating Circumstances Application