Mitigating Circumstances

A Mitigating Circumstances Form (MCF) is the form provided when you need to tell the University about any circumstances that you feel have affected your academic performance and/or caused your absence from an assessment, i.e. coursework or exam. The University will only accept for consideration mitigating circumstances notified by this means, e.g. it cannot accept notification by e-mail, discussion with members of staff, letter etc.

Please do not use a Mitigating Circumstances Form to request an extension or to provide an explanation for the late submission of an assessment. If you wish to request an extension or explain the late submission of an assessment you are required to contact your module leader.

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Mitigating Circumstances Form 2019/20

Retrospective Mitigating Circumstances Form 19/20


You can have a look at our FAQs online, or download our document relating to  Mitigating Circumstances FAQs for Students

What is a Retrospective Mitigating Circumstances form (RMCF)?

An application for Retrospective Mitigating Circumstances can be made as a result of being unable to apply for MC before the specified deadline due to exceptional circumstances (such as hospitalisation or extenuating and unforeseen personal circumstances). A RMC application must be submitted on the RMC form within two calendar weeks after the publication of the Assessment Board's decision, and must include appropriate evidence for the reason why the application is retrospective. Being unaware of the MC process or dissatisfaction with academic decisions are NOT grounds for submitting a RMC form. 

You can download the Retrospective Mitigating Circumstances Form 19/20

Under what circumstances SHOULD I submit an MCF/RMCF?

Section 2 of the Consideration of Mitigating Circumstances Policy lists the circumstances considered as legitimate grounds for submitting an MCF/RMCF. These are:

  • Complex mental or physical health challenges and /or severe and complex life circumstances.
  • Ailments such as severe colds, migraines, stomach upsets, etc., ONLY where the ailment was so severe it was impossible for you to attend an examination/complete assessment AND where notification was given to the Personal Tutor.
  • Exceptional personal circumstances (e.g. serious illness or death of a parent or other person who brought you up, grandparent, brother or sister, spouse or partner or close friend, including participation in funeral and associated rites; family break up; being a victim of a significant crime; being in a serious car accident; an unforeseen change to caring responsibilities).
  • A significant family crisis.
  • Exceptional travel disruption beyond your control, which prevented you from attending or undertaking an examination or other scheduled assessment.
  • Unexpected illness during an examination.

Please ensure you read the Mitigating Circumstances Helpsheet for Students‌‌ which lists what evidence is required before completing the form. 

The helpsheet above lists the circumstances that are legitimate grounds for the submission of an MCF/RMCF.  If your circumstances for submitting a MCF/RMCF form are listed under the legitimate grounds section you can then download the form. Please note: the forms cannot be submitted electronically as they need to be signed.

A help sheet for staff is also available: Mitigating Circumstances Guidelines For Staff