Dyslexic support

During the course of your studies you might be referred to the Disability Service by an academic member of staff or through self referral with concerns regarding specific learning difficulties.   These notes help explain the processes involved in the referral and dyslexia assessment procedure.  

  1. The Disability Adviser will make a recommendation as to whether you should be formally assessed for dyslexia based on information gathered during you initial meeting e.g. educational and general background,  impact of difficulties on current programme of study, progress to date and sample of marked written work if appropriate. 
  2. If there is evidence to suggest that you are dyslexic, and that without formal diagnosis you will be placed at a significant disadvantage in relation to your current course of study, you will be referred to an Educational Psychologist for a dyslexia assessment.  
  3. If the conclusion is that there is not sufficient evidence to suggest dyslexia or that you are not facing significant academic disadvantage a referral to the Effective Learning Service may be deemed more appropriate for your needs.
  4. If referred for a dyslexia assessment an appointment will be made for you and you will be contacted by e-mail asking you to confirm your attendance.   Please ensure that the e-mail address you give the Disability Adviser is correct and current.   If you are unable to attend please inform us within working hours (Monday – Friday) at least 24 hours before your appointment otherwise you may incur a cancellation fee of £20.00.
  5. The Educational Psychologist will meet and assess you at the University.   The assessment takes approximately three hours.
  6. After your assessment the Educational Psychologist will draw up a report based on his findings and this will include recommendations for support if required.
  7. Once you receive this report please contact us to arrange an appointment with the Disability Adviser to discuss the content and recommendations.
  8. To arrange a meeting with a Disability Adviser in the first instance, you can request an appointment at the Base in the Saltire Centre or phone us on 0141 273 1371 or e-mail disability@gcu.ac.uk