Advice for staff

In recent months a huge amount of work has been undertaken to prepare for our safe return to campus. As you can imagine, it is a complex operation. As the situation relating to COVID-19 changes and the process of rolling out our phased return to campus continues, we will update you at the earliest opportunity.

For all the latest information, guidance and templates relating to COVID-19 and our Safe Return to Campus, visit our dedicated internal SRTC Sharepoint site.

If you have questions relating to your individual situation, please ask your manager in the first instance. If there are broader issues relating to our Safe Return to Campus that you would like to have addressed, you can email

Access to campus - What do I need to know?

Returning to campus after a long absence is likely to feel a bit strange. There will be fewer people, entry and exit routes will have been changed and the focus is on staying safe while delivering essential activity rather than on the broader aspects of our role. The following information and documents will help you prepare for these changes and outline your own responsibilities in maintaining your own and others' safety.

In order to go on campus you need to

  1. Discuss and get approval from your line manager
  2. Complete this Health Questionnaire
  3. Complete the Safe Return To Campus (SRTC) Staff Induction - Glasgow or Staff Induction - London
  4. Complete the Short-term Working Proforma (up to two days) and email

Prior to going on campus you must also review

  1. Guidelines for being on campus
  2. GCU Physical Distance Guidelines
  3. Guidance Brief for Teaching Staff
  4. Guidance in relation to self-isolation, suspected or confirmed COVID-19

New COVID Management Guidance stipulates that all staff, including casual workers, self-employed/contractors or agency staff who have attended Campus (Glasgow or London) in the last seven days and have developed COVID-19 symptoms or have a positive COVID-19 test result, must complete a Form for Reporting COVID  symptoms and send it to People Service at, copying in your line manager. If you are unable to complete the form, you should call People Services on 0141 331 8728.

Please note, for all other reasons that a member of staff may need to self-isolate, they should contact their line manager directly on the first day and provide relevant details. The line manager should then email the central mailbox ( within People Services as soon as this notification is received.