Health and safety

We will put your health and safety first at all times and we have a comprehensive plan in place to ensure this. This includes applying the social distancing rules set out in the Scottish Government guidance – currently two metres.

Guidelines for being on campus

We will enable on-campus teaching in small groups, adhering to physical distancing rules, as well as access to laboratories and practical classes where these are relevant.

It is important that when you are on campus that you have your student ID card with you at all times. Without your card, you will not be able to access facilities on campus.

Should you require a new card, please email and we will arrange for a new card to be posted to your address.

Currently, the prevalence of the coronavirus in Scotland is reducing and we are gradually moving towards greater freedom of movement. Nonetheless, we must remain cautious to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing. This means that all our campus-based activities will happen in an environment where members of our University community remain physically distant from each other and follow other safety measures in place. 

We will do everything possible to make campus life as safe, but also as normal, as possible.  

Examples of the things we will put in place include:

  • All students and staff must observe social distancing and regularly wash their hands.
  • Hand sanitiser will be located at entrances to buildings and you are encouraged to use this every time you enter and exit. In larger buildings, additional stations may be available around campus.
  • In addition to the normal cleaning schedule on campus, there will be increased cleaning of communal touch points such as door handles.
  • You are expected to wear a face covering in all buildings, except while eating and drinking, or if you have a medical reason not to. 
  • We will operate one-way systems in corridors and staircases where this is possible.
  • Entrances and exit routes will be clearly signposted for all buildings.
  • Lifts will have floor markings indicating the total occupancy. You should only use a lift if you have a disability or a condition affecting mobility, respiratory, heart, or other limiting health condition, or you are moving goods between floors.
  • The numbers allowed in any building or room will be limited to avoid congestion.
  • Signs, videos, posters and regular communications will alert students and staff to the symptoms of COVID-19 and what to do if they think they are showing symptoms.
  • Some facilities (for example, the Students Association building and on-campus sports facilities in the Arc) will remain closed for the time being.
  • To reduce congestion on campus, many staff will work mostly from home.
  • Rooms across campus will be reallocated to support face-to-face teaching in smaller groups.
  • Toilets are available throughout the campus and will operate with social distancing rules in place.

This isn’t a complete list, but hopefully it gives a sense of our commitment to your safety, and the careful thought that is going into how the campus will operate.

For those of you who are continuing your studies with us, you will notice that there is additional signage in the buildings to guide you, and that you will be expected to enter and exit buildings using designated doors. This will likely be different to what you are used to, so please follow the signs.

There will be floor markings and additional directional signage that will indicate how to move around safely. In general, we are implementing a ‘keep left’ approach.

Our campus has some very attractive and well-designed outside spaces, including an outside gym and gardens which you will be able to access. Please use these spaces responsibly, so we can protect the health and safety of all members of our community.

Face coverings

You are expected to wear a face covering in all buildings, except while eating and drinking, or if you have a medical reason not to. You can use your own face coverings, though there will be supplies of disposable coverings should you arrive without your own.

Test and Protect

Like other universities, GCU has a responsibility to support the governments’ contact tracing programmes (Test and Protect in Scotland and Test and Trace in England) and will work closely with the relevant Public Health Unit in the management of any outbreak situation. 

A swipe card entry system for students entering buildings will help the University log and maintain adequate details of who is on Campus to support the contact tracing programmes.

In the event the University is required to provide details to a government contact tracing programme or Public Health, only information deemed necessary, and in line with GDPR, will be provided.

The University has a robust process in place to help monitor and respond quickly to potential cases of COVID-19 as a limited number of students and staff start to return to campus.

Students who have been on campus in the last seven days and develop COVID-19 symptoms or receive a positive COVID-19 test result, must contact the Campus Life Helpdesk by emailing or by phoning +44 141 331 3130 (Monday – Friday 9am-5pm), with your name, student ID,  the date of when you were last on campus and where on campus you were located.

If you develop coronavirus symptoms you must arrange to get tested and should self-isolate at home straight away along with other members of your household

For further information on how we manage COVID reporting, please see below. 

COVID-19 University Management Guidance

COVID- 19 Student Reporting Flowchart

We would encourage all students studying at our Glasgow campus to download the the Scottish Government's free Protect Scotland app.

As part of NHS Scotland's Test and Protect scheme, it alerts you if you've been in close contact with another app user who has tested positive for coronavirus. The app is available from the Google Play and Apple App store.

Using data to help combat COVID-19

To help protect our University community, we will be putting processes in place to manage the risk COVID-19 presents to us at this time. These measures may require us to process personal data about student and staff access to some common locations on campus. Further information on our reporting process will be available in due course.

If you have any questions about how GCU uses your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact