Work-based education

We will grow our postgraduate provision to deliver innovative advanced education offerings and accessible continuing professional development and work-based education.

Working in partnership with organisations, each of our programmes is co-created to build capacity through a work-based philosophy that focuses on flexibility, partnership and a negotiated curriculum. Our clients can have the option to brand courses, and dovetail these into existing in-house training, so a clear learning pattern can be established with organisational best practice at the heart of every learning experience.

Work-based education

GCU and Transnet Freight Rail, South Africa’s largest freight rail company, have a five-year agreement for a significant capacity building programme in railway operations management.

The programme is the first of its kind that offers a formal qualification in railway operations management in South Africa. 

Since the launch of the programme in 2012, nearly 600 employees have registered and an estimated 5,000 are expected to graduate through the programme. The programme is delivered in partnership between GCU, the University of Johannesburg, the UK’s Institution of Railway Operators and Transnet’s School of Rail.

The graduates will hold qualifications from GCU, with the programme delivered locally in partnership with the University of Johannesburg. The programme originated in the UK through collaboration with the Institution of Railway Operators.

GCU is also working leading energy company SSE to deliver a qualification in Business and Customer Management for managers.

The programme was also launched at GCU London in May 2015.

The partnership started in 2010 and has gone from strength to strength with over 100 students graduating so far. This year we will be running two programmes – one for SSE employees located in the South / South East and another for the North and West. This enables SSE to broaden access to selected employees for a desirable qualification, through increased capacity and geographical reach.

Bespoke digital programmes

Employees of IBM and CGI are studying part-time on the respective BSc (Hons) Software Development for Business and BSc (Hons) Computing programmes in the department of Computer, Communication and Interactive Systems in the School of Engineering and the Built Environment.

The model of delivery allows employees to spend one day per week at University and work for their employers during the remaining days. Knowledge and experience gained while working for their employer or studying in their own time can be taken into consideration as part of the programme, and, likewise, some of the programme modules will be contextualised in the workplace.

The co-creation model is part of GCU’s strategic objective to innovate for social and economic impact, working with partners to deliver high quality, flexible and accessible education for employees in leading local and global companies.

The programmes will support CGI’s new Glasgow-based centre of excellence for open-source software development services as well as IBM’s future talent pipeline in Scotland. The programmes will run over four years and it is hoped that GCU will be able to roll-out its IT programme portfolio to other businesses in the future.