Digital innovation

We will explore opportunities for pioneering digital developments to generate and share our research, knowledge and expertise, fostering social business and promoting social innovation through new platforms which are accessible on a global scale.

We are embarking on a transformational journey to become a technology embedded University delivering digital solutions to underpin our ambitious 2020 Strategy.

Global platforms

The University is strongly committed to the principle that the outcomes arising from its publicly funded research are for societal good and should be made as widely available as possible.

Furthermore, external research funding bodies (such as RCUK, The Wellcome Trust, and the European Commission) require that the full text of publications arising from funded research projects are made available to the public in an open access text format. The REF 2014 exercise has provided open access to the full text of submitted outputs.

GCU is using software called PURE for the tracking of research impact over time to build a portfolio of research evidence and corroboration of achievements by external stakeholders. The University is committed to making the outcomes of its publicly funded research available to the public and to the principle of Open Access to Research. The Research Online@GCU repository fulfils this purpose and is supplied with information about staff publications, projects and research activities from PURE.