Individual Student Timetables

Academic Year 18/19 Timetables

Personalised Individual Student Timetables

Returning students - must register intent to return, if eligible, by 27th July, to guarantee an individual timetable is available before you start back. Students due to progress in 2018/19 but with 2017/18 resits should ensure that they register by the 27th July deadline.

All returning students who register on time, individual timetables will be completed by Friday 1st September.

Please note that assessment board decisions and resits could impact on changes to your modules and timetable.

New Students - individual timetables will be available the week prior to induction week provided you have registered by Friday 7th September.  Registrations after this date will be available 3 working days after registration.  Once registered New students can access the IT services, including the wireless network on campus by completing set up on your personal device, see instruction at the link below.

Attention to all first year Diagnostic Imaging students:  We have been advised by the Diagnostic Imaging Department that first year students' seminar groups will not be confirmed until the end of induction week.  This is because they are dependent on clinical placement.  We apologise for the delay, and appreciate your patience whilst this is arranged.

Please refer to the programme and module timetables untill you are registered.

Your individual timetable will be available to view via the Individual Student Timetable or via your own calendar if you have setup your iCal Feed.

Please note that your timetable may be subject to minor amendments and you should check your timetable on a regular basis for changes to locations and timings.

Students can view their IST via the link below, using their GCU username and password to log-in. Please do not try to login using your email address, it must be your GCU username.

 If you have not registered yet, you will not be able to access Celcat Calendar, so please refer to the main Programme timetables.

 If you have any queries relating to the timetable, please contact Timetabling and Student Systems via email on

If you have queries regarding your optional modules please contact your school administrator.


  • Individual Student Timetables are only available to students who have registered for 2018/19.
  • Your IST is updated in real time as changes to your timetable occur, including changes to locations, or to seminar group allocations. 
  • It is vital that you check your IST on a regular basis.
  • Choice Module allocation queries, please contact your school office.
  • Your IST is weekly and not all modules run each week, therefore please check each week.


In addition to your IST, we offer an ICal feed, to allow you to get access your GCU timetable via your smartphone or mobile device. 

Modern versions of client calendars such as MS Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar as well as calendars on smart and mobile devices, such as Andriod and iOS have the ability to subscribe to CELCAT calendar feeds. Once you've subscribed you can forget about the service - you don't need to manually refresh the data or reconfigure your calendar for each new academic year. 

Click here to read the technical information, or subscribe at the link below

 Please note:  You must use your Caledonian email address

Information Services on Campus

New students once registred can access the IT services including the wireless network on campus by completing set up on your personal device, see instruction at the link below.

If you have already registered and are unable to login to the individual timetable calendar, please log a call via My Service.  If you are unable to log into My Service, visit for information on how to reset your domain password.  If you are unable to view a personal timetable within the calendar please contact Timetabling and Student Systems.