How to find your timetable

How to find your Programme and Module Timetables


1. Open Timetable Finder.

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2.  See the Resource tabs at the top of the Timetable Finder.  Select either Groups or Modules from list.

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3.  The Modules or Programmes timetabled will now appear in alphabetical order below.

  • Module Naming Convention
  • Module name: Advanced Reporting
  • Module Code: M3P508313

The Group Naming Convention is explained below:

  • The six digit code beginning with ‘P’ is the Programme Code.
  • The first digit after the underscore is the Year of Study, i.e. 1 is 1st year.
  • The next two digits are the Mode of Study, i.e. FT = full-time, PT = part-time, DL = Distance Learning.

For example, if you are studying 1st year full-time Podiatry, select P00308_1FTA.

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To quickly search for your timetable, we recommend that you use Shortcut Ctrl+F on your keyboard to bring up your browser’s search bar.

4.  Once you have found your timetable, you can choose to open it as either a HTML or PDF file, by selecting one of the tabs at the side.

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5.  Understanding Your CELCAT Timetable

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What are the weeks shown on the timetables, i.e. Tri A Wks 1-12?

The weeks shown on your timetable are Timetabling Weeks.  Please refer to our Timetabling Weeks Calendar.

Individual Student Timetables

Please see Individual Student Timetables for further information on individual student timetables containing choice modules and seminar group allocation.


 If you need further support please see our Timetabling FAQs, or Contact Us.