Find a room

Find a room

The letter at the beginning tells you which building the room is in - see the list below. The first number tells you what floor of the building it is on and the last digits tell you the room number.


  • Room M525 is George Moore Building 5th Floor
  • Room A005 is Govan Mbeki Health Building Ground floor
  • Room M201 is George Moore Building 2nd Floor

Building – Room Number Prefix

  • A - Govan Mbeki Health Building
  • B - Britannia Building
  • C - Charles Oakley Laboratories
  • CEE - Centre for Executive Education
  • H - William Harley Building
  • M - George Moore Building
  • NH - Student Association
  • T - Teaching Block
  • W - Hamish Wood Building

Campus map


Each room is prefixed with a letter:

  • A= Govan Mbeki Building
  • B = Britannia Building
  • C = Charles Oakley Building
  • CEE = Centre for Executive Education
  • M= George Moore Building
  • W = Hamish Wood Building

The number immediately after the first letter, determines the floor of the building (i.e. A426F is the 4th floor of the Govan Mbeki Building)


The University have worked together with DisabledGO who have provided a detailed access guide for each location, this can be found here