Where can I find my timetable?

From mid July 2018 Programme and Module timetables for Academic year 18/19 will be available to view from the website.

When is my Induction Session?

You will be sent details of your Induction Timetable from your School, please contact your School Office for further information.





International Student Week

  International Orientation Week 14– 16Sept






  Induction Week

  Holiday Fri 21 Sept (Academic Only)




What do the weeks on the timetable mean?

Please refer to Timetable Weeks Calendar for the dates of each week during the academic year.

I don’t know what my Programme Code is.

For returning students, your Programme Code will be available on your Student ID card; for new students, your Programme Code will be on your Joining Instructions that you will receive from Student Records.  In the meantime, you can search by your Programme Name within the Timetable Finder. Please refer to our guide on How to Find Your Timetable.

Do I attend all of the seminars/tutorials on my timetable?

Programme and Module timetables contain information on all activities that relate to that module and or programme of study.



A timetable is made up of the following:






Class Tests

Drop in Sessions

Online delivery may not be on your timetable

For example, a Nursing module may contain one lecture and 30 different seminar groups. You will only be allocated to one seminar group once you register as a student for the upcoming academic year.

You may not be required to attend all of the Seminars/Tutorials for a Module. You will be allocated a Seminar Group in due course after you have completed the registration process and this will be on your individual student timetable. All activities in your individual student timetable must be attended (excluding drop in sessions) and your attendance will be recorded from the attendance swipe system colated within each teaching space.

Where can I find my Programme Code?

Your programme code can be found on your Student ID card.  This will be the code on your card beginning with the letter ‘P’, i.e. P02115. 

I have a clash on my timetable. What should I do?

If you identify that there is a module clash on your timetable, please contact Timetabling and Student Systems, who will direct this to the School timetable co-ordinator to check.

Modules included on your timetable consist of core modules and any optional modules you may have chosen.


What is an Individual Student Timetable

An Individual Student Timetable includes all Taught modules activities throughout the academic year for each student individually.


An IST consists of the following:

  • Core modules for your programme and any optional modules you have chosen


  • Lectures
  • Practicals
  • Seminars
  • Drop ins 
  • Class Tests 


 Activities can take place during the following times:


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9am - 6pm

Wednesday 9am - 1pm

Friday 9am - 5pm


There are vacant slots within the timetable to allow for individual or group study, please use the onsite facilities in the computer labs and study space areas during these times.

When will Individual Timetables be available?

Individual student timetables for 18/19 should be available from the following:


Returning Students - Mid August

New Students - week commencing 10th September 2018


An individual student timetable contains all main lectures as well as seminars where the programme groups have been split into smaller student groups.  You will only see your own seminar groups on your individual timetable therefore your individual timetable will be different from other students on the same programme.

Completed Individual timetables are dependent on you having registered and chosen your optional choice modules. Once registered individual student timetables will be populated within 72 hours of registration, if you have not chosen your optional modules yet, please contact your Schools programme administration team. If you have not registered we are unable to populate your timetable until you do.

 As soon as Seminar Group allocations and all optional Modules have been allocated you will see these appear on your timetable. These groups are constructed within the schools and not by students, no input is required.


Please note: We try not to make changes to times of classes when published but on occasion they cannot be avoided.

There are classes on my Timetable for Modules that I did not choose.

All of the available modules appear on the Programme and Module Timetables, including optional modules that you have not personally chosen.


Individual Timetables contain only Seminar Groups and all optional Modules that that you selected. These groups are constructed within the schools and not by students, no input is required.  If you have modules within your individual timetable that you should not be attending please advise the Timetabling and Student Systems Team within Registry.  Email timetabling@gcu.ac.uk 

I don’t know how to find my timetable online.

Please refer to our guide on How to Find Your Timetable.

Where can I get information on the examinations timetable?

Examination timetables and further information regarding examinations can be found here.