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Teaching Timetables

Student Timetables - 2020/2021 - Trimester A

This year timetables are being created with the health, safety and wellbeing of students and staff in mind and will consist of a mixture of online and face-to-face teaching. Timetables will be released a trimester at a time rather than for the full academic year so that we can adapt to government guidance as it is received. The publication date for Trimester B will be released here as early as we can.


Programme and Module Timetables


These general timetables give students an idea of what days they will have on campus events and when they will have online activity to attend.

 Please note that these timetables are subject to change so please keep checking them regularly for any updates.


Individual Timetables

Individual timetables become available once and student has fully registered, chosen their options (if applicable) and been allocated by the Timetabling Team to their tutorial/seminar/practical groups.

Returning students will start to receive their timetables from 04 September onwards.

New students will receive their individual timetable by 25 September as long as registration is completed by 11 September.