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Teaching Timetables

Student Timetables - 2021/2022 - Trimester A

This year timetables are being created with the health, safety and wellbeing of students and staff in mind and will consist of a mixture of online and face-to-face teaching. Timetables will be released a trimester at a time rather than for the full academic year so that we can adapt to government guidance as it is received. The publication date for Trimester B will be released here as early as we can.


Induction Timetables

Induction timetables will be published to this webpage on 23 August.


Programme and Module Timetables

21/22 Trimester A

These are general timetables that will give you an idea of what days you will have on-campus teaching events and what days you will have online teaching events to attend, however these timetables will show the teaching events for all the groups on your programme or module so might not fully reflect your final timetable. You should only refer to these until you receive your individual timetable.

While every attempt will be made to minimize any alfterations to these timetables, in some circumstances changes may be unavoidable.


Individual Timetables

To receive an individual timetable you need to have registered and chosen your options (if applicable). You will then be allocated by the Timetabling Team to your tutorial/seminar/practical groups.

For continuing students, the date your timetable becomes available depends on the date you registered. You can login to Celcat Calendar to view your timetable on the Friday of the week following your registration. For example, if you registered 16 August, you can login and view your timetable on 27 August.

For new students, if you fully register by 12 September, you can login and view your timetable from 17 September.