Wireless FAQs

How do I connect?

You can now connect in two ways, either via eduroam or the Corporate wireless network.

We provide instructions on how to connect to eduroam.

Instructions on how to connect to Corporate wireless can be found on the staff portal: http://my.caledonian.ac.uk

Where can I connect?

The wireless network is available in all buildings on campus.

What access do I have?

The Corporate wireless will allow you to have full unrestricted access as you would from your desktop PC. The eduroam wireless will be more restricted.

Can visiting external guests connect?

Yes, if their institution is part of the eduroam network. Users from participating institutions can connect to network resources using the logon credentials from their home institution. If they require access to another network, GCU Visitor is also available. More information is available here: Guest WiFi. Please contact the IT Helpdesk on x1234 for details; we will do our best to help.

Can I print from the wireless network to my own staff or departmental printer?

On Corporate wireless: Yes, but this is only useful if you are close to your office or intend to pick up printing when you return to your department.

On Eduroam: You can now print from your own laptop or mobile device using the EveryOnePrint Solution.

Can I connect my Phone or Tablet device?

We have tested a variety of devices based on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. As long as the device supports the WPA2 Enterprise wireless networking standard it should be able to connect. Please see the eduroam information page for more details.