Using VPN

How do I use Remote Desktop from my home PC?

Remote Desktop, used together with VPN access, allows you to connect to your office PC from home. This means that you can log into your office PC and access all available resources. You must leave your office PC switched on to be able to connect to it remotely.

Please note that Remote Desktop is designed to allow you to connect to your GCU desktop PC from your home PC. If your main GCU machine is a laptop and you intend to take it home with you, you will not need to use Remote Desktop.

Configuring your office PC:

You must configure Remote Desktop on your office PC before attempting to connect via VPN.

  1. Right-click My Computer and select Properties
  2. Click the Remote tab; tick the 'Allow users to connect remotely to this computer'
  3. Next, take note of your 'Full computer name'; you need the first part (the bit before to connect to your PC from home
  4. Click Apply, then OK to close the System Properties window


Connecting from home:

  1. First, you must log in and connect to the VPN client
  2. Next, open 'Remote Desktop Connection'
    • On Windows Vista, or Windows 7 click Start, then type MSTSC in the search field. Open the MSTSC application
  3. Type your office PC name into the 'Computer' field and click 'Connect'
  4. When prompted log into your office PC with your domain credentials
  5. Your office PC desktop will be displayed on screen and you will have full access to all PC resources
  6. When you are finished you can either close the Remote Desktop Connection by clicking the small cross on the top banner or you can log off your office PC
    • If you choose to just close the Remote Desktop Connection your office PC will still be logged in but it'll be locked.
  7. Remember to disconnect from the VPN client when you are finished

Can I connect to network drives from my home PC?

Yes, you can connect to your personal H:drive and to any departmental drives you have access to in work.

Firstly, you must log in and connect to the VPN client.  Next follow the instructions for connecting to a network drive: