Troubleshooting VPN problems

If you encounter any VPN errors which are not detailed here, please contact the IT Helpdesk with full details of the error(s).

Domain name resolution error 

On installing the Cisco AnyConnect client, you may get the message below saying there has been an unsuccessful domain name resolution. If you see this, please enter in the connection box as below and click connect.


When prompted, enter your domain credentials.


 No hostname exists for this connection entry. Unable to make VPN connection error

  • Problem; your VPN connection profile is corrupt
  • Solution; re-install the GCAL PCF connection file. The PCF connection file is available to download from Follow the instructions to import the PCF file into your VPN client.

 Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the Client. Reason 403. Unable to contact the security gateway error

Problem:  You might not have an active Internet connection, or you've not been granted VPN access


  •       Log a VPN access request
  •       Wait for the confirmation and instructions from Information Services
  •       When you've been granted VPN access, you will need to check or troubleshoot your Internet connection at home

Unable to log into VPN client error


  • Check you are using the correct login details. You should be using your domain log in details. If you are unsure of your Domain login details, check here for information
  • Have you been granted VPN access? If not, please complete the VPN access request form and await further instructions from Information Services